designed by michael tuck for scott rice and the bulwer-lytton fiction contest.

blfc site layout adapted from a design by matthew james taylor. literary locales site layout adapted from a design by kevin cannon.

navigation menu adapted from a design by 13 styles.

dropdown menu on literary locales adapted from code by harry roberts.

jquery block-link highlighter adapted from code by nick la.

ie png transparency fix by angus turnbull.

top shadow styling adapted from code by gene locklin.

typewriter photograph used by permission of planet oddity.

the snoopy “dark and stormy night” cartoon panel is found at numerous locales around the internet; no ownership can be adequately determined, though we all know it originated with charles schulz. it is thusly used under the “fair use” laws.

all author pictures on literary locales free to use in the public domain.

background graphics from bgpatterns and better textures.

icons free to use from samantha wright’s “icons of the british library”, dean beedell’s steampunk icons, quaddles, mark james, icon archive, and clker.

special note: the icons by samantha wright and dean beedell were a driving force behind the look and feel of the blfc site. both graphic artists deserve immense recognition for their efforts.

“lancelot” and “condiment” fonts free to use from google web fonts.

javascript email obfuscator from hivelogic.

eclipse graphic in the public domain, from nasa.

html and css valid.



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